Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Secret of Orgone Ond Generator Energy

Orgone Ond Generator Energy

The Age of Aquarius has given us a new paradigm for healing ourselves. This new paradigm is the the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws tell us that we live, move and have our being within an infinite ocean of Thinking Energy called the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God.

All is energy. You are energy, I am energy, the Earth is energy, the Universe is energy and God is energy.

Therefore the new paradigm of health for the next 2000 years will be a paradigm of energy healing.

We have already experienced the energy healing sciences of some of the pioneers. Homeopathy, Flower Remedies, Cell Salts, Color healing, Radionics, Orgone Generation, and White Gold Powder.

The Laws of Quantum Physics also tell us that we are individual souls responsible for our OWN well being.

Therefore if we are not in the best of health, we caused it ourselves and we can heal it ourselves. The victimization nonsense being spread by the TV, media and psychologists is destroying our society. It enable the weak and destroys the strong.

The Age of Aquarius gifts will allow us to heal ourselves. The Orgone Ond Generator allows us to combine two of these new energy healing sciences.

An Orgone Ond Generator is a simple Radionics device. It contains a power source, which is the creation of Life-Force due to the interaction of metallic and non metallic substances within a geometrical form.

The Remedy (or what you intend) will be the choice of homeopathy, cell salts, flower remedies or color that is placed within the liquid resin (non-metallic substance) in the creating stage of orgone ond generator.

The Target will be the photo of the person who is to receive the energy.

A radionics device (orgone ond generator) uses Life-Force to attract an energy out of the Quantum Ocean and transfer it to the Aura of the Target.

If a homeopathic remedy, cell salt, flower remedy, color, drop of White Gold Powder is embedded within the Geometrical form of the Orgone Ond Generator that is the energy that will be transferred to the the target.

Healing must be done on an individual basis. You created the illness within your energy configuration. This illness was caused by erroneous thoughts, emotions and beliefs that blocked the natural flow of life force through out your body's energy fields.

The Orgone Ond Generator will attract the correct energy out of the Quantum Ocean that will be in a one to one resonance with the remedy of you choose (Homeopathic, Cell salt, Flower essence, color, White Gold Powder, etc)

The right choice of the right remedy will clear the energy blockages and allow the life force to flow unimpeded throughout your body. The free flow of life force creates health.

You do not need to place a photo under the Orgone Ond Generator. It is constantly radiating (24/7) the energies of the remedy you have chosen into the atmosphere around it. Simply hold it in your hands or place it close to where you sit or sleep.

These new healing energy techniques are gifts of the Age of Aquarius.

In a couple of hundred years, when the new paradigm of healing energy techniques has reached critical mass, they will be accepted into every home; the same as going to the Doctor or pharmacy is today. But with this new better more natural alternative in it's place.

We have just entered the Age of Aquarius and have approximately 1900 years to go. These are only the first gifts. Watch for the new wonders we have in store for us.

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