Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quantum Physics + Spiritual Vitamins = Health

Spiritual Vitamins

Our Solar System has just rotated through our Galaxy and now resides (for the next 2000 years) in an orbit around our Galactic Sun that we have named "The Age of Aquarius."

It is the Age of Science, the mind and Quantum Physics. The materialistic Scientists who still believe in the 'Big Bang Theory' and the 'Chaos Creation Theory' are talking and writing the Laws of Quantum Physics to death already.

We do not live in a world of words. We live in a living, expanding, creation Universe. It was created by the Big 'G" the Creator God.

The Universe is energy, we are energy, thoughts are energy. The Laws of Quantum Physics and Attraction are Laws based on energies not words. Our health is energy or the natural flow of energy through our energy centers, chakras.

When the gas in your car is clogged or blocked up the car stalls and can not move. When your energy flow is blocked up, you stall (illness).

In this marvelous New Age we find ourselves in, we must use our minds to create new methodologies to attract more life-giving energy into our lives and to keep it flowing.

The simplicity of the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of thinking, intelligent energy out of which the Universe and each one of us is manifested.

This ocean of energy was placed there by the Creator God as part of the Creative Plan.

It is called the Quantum Ocean and in reality it is the Mind of God. It responds to our thoughts and emotions and manifests into our individual minds, as well as into the mass mind of Humanitiy. All thoughts and emotions become a reality.

Therefore it is up to us to think good healthy thoughts into the Quantum Ocean and recieve good healthy energy in return.

Thoughts are things, symbols are things, words are things. We must use the Law of Attraction by selecting thoughts, symbols and words that bring into our lives what we want. Not what we don't want.

We could turn the whole medical profession around if we could stop thinking, talking and studying dis-eases which no one wants. Each time a disease is talked about, each illness that is thought about, or shown on TV; the disease or illness is EMPOWERED. So, why not consider a new way of thinking? Why not think in terms of HEALTH? Think of being HEALTHY, not being sick. Talk about HEALTH, Think about HEALTH, and study how to be HEALTHY. Give disease and sickness no thought or attention whatever. Do not even mention the diseases that are in vogue. Do not watch commercials or TV programs having to do with ill-health. Remember where you place your attention is what is drawn to you.

We all want health, wealth and happiness. Here is a powerful exercise I call "Spiritual Vitamins for Health, Wealth and Happiness."

Words are powerful. Written words are Resonant Frequencies to energy fields in the Quantum Ocean. When you consciously look at a word and mentally breathe it into your self, you are making a connection to the energy field in the Quantum Ocean pertaining to the word.

The wold health written boldly on a piece of paper is connected to the health energy in the Quantum Ocean.

Take at least a dozenpieces of 8 1/2" by 11" 120 pound cardboard stock (vary the colors if you like) in the center of each sheet boldly write or print out one Key word. One word that represents an energy in the Quantum Ocean that you want to manifest in your life. Here is a list, but you can choose your own.


Sit comfortably in your chair. Relax and breathe slowly and deeply with the twelve cards in your lap.

Now take one of the cards in your hands - 'Health'. Look at it and mentally say "I am now inhaling Heatlth into every cell in my body." Take a deep breath while still looking at the card. Three times.

Place the card on the bottom of the pile in your lap and pick up the next card 'Wealth."

Breathe in "I am Wealthy." Go through all twelve cards and you will be giving yourself 'Spiritual Vitamins' that will start to attract HEALTH, WEALTH, and HAPPINESS into your life.

How long will this take? Be patient and persist.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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