Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quantum + Visualization = Live 100+ Years of Age

Live to Be 100 + Years

Now a days with all the scientific Frankenstein Medicine and machines used in hospitals, they can keep the human body alive for 100 + years. But is that life?

Now, thanks to the Age of Aquarius and the Laws of Quantum Physics we can do it ourselves.

There are many stories, legends and mythologies about man living to be 100+ years and fathering children into their 90's. You too can learn how to live to be 100+ in perfect health and function.

Just think about the miracle of the human body. The three great systems constantly working 24/7 without any help from you. How many times an hour, a day, a year or a lifetime does your heart pump blood through your body? Do the math yourself. Man could not possibly build a mechanical pump to do what your heart does.

When they say we were born in the image of God, what they are saying in the terms of the Laws of Quantum Physics, is this: There exists within the Quantum Ocean a divine blueprint of the perfect man or woman. Every Soul that 'blinks out' of the Quantum Ocean into another physical incarnation carries this divine print with them.

Unfortunately they also bring out all the erroneous data that they have accepted as truth from their past life also. It is this false data, that is strongly entrenched in the mass mind of humanity, that causes all the illness and pain on the planet. It is these erroneous energy fields that we are born into.

But, we have choice. We do not have to accept them. We can instead think of the divine blueprint of Health that exists in the Quantum Ocean and "I Am" it into our life. By doing this we can dissolve or override the erroneous energies of the mass mind that constantly fills our thoughts and our Aura.

What is the Quantum Ocean? The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there is an infinite Ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. It is the Mind of God. It is where all the blueprints for perfect health and function exist. They are much like the dress patterns a seamstress uses to create a dress.

Reach into the Quantum Ocean with your mind and your "I Am" statements and pullout the pattern for perfect health into your life. The Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) responds to your thoughts and especially to your "I Am" thoughts.

Want to live to be 100+ years young in perfect health and function? I do and I WILL.

There are three basic steps you must follow. And, since repetition is Heaven's first Law you must repeat, repeat, and repeat these steps every day of your life. Starting now.

Your thoughts of today create your tomorrow. Think new thoughts today and create a new tomorrow.

I get up about 5 AM every morning and the first hour or two I pay myself. I mean, I take the wonderful life force I have accumulated from my good nights sleep and use it to create a better future. You must learn to use your own energy if you have any ideas of helping your family. You must help yourself first.

I have my favorite chair by the window and I sit and relax and do my writing, meditating and reading every morning before I do anything else.

I also practice my three steps to live 100+ years.

Step 1. This I practice 24/7, I do not accept anything that is said about disease, illness or medical treatments from the media, TV or daily conversations. I am interested in health not disease, so I do not put my attention on disease or illness.

Step 2. Now, while I am relaxed, I think about the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) where the divine blueprint of perfect health exists.

I close my eyes and simply intone with full faith and expectation the following statement:
"I am now manifesting the Divine Blueprint of perfect health out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, into every cell of my body.

I do it several times then I relax in the assurance that this Divine Blueprint will replace the erroneous blueprint.

Step 3. Now I project myself into my future. I see myself in my future in my Mind's Eye. I create myself into my future in my Mind's Eye.

Here is what I do. I visualize myslef in my daughter's home. My wife is there and my grandchildren are there.

I visualize myself sitting at the head of the dining room table. My daughter brings in a Birthday cake and everyone stands up and say "Happy Birthday on your 70th Birthday!" I cut the cake and we all have some.

Then I repeat the mental scene, projecting it 10 years into my future. I see myself, my wife and children and grand children in perfect health and function only 10 years older. My 80th birthday party.

Then 90th Birthday. Once again every body is in perfect health and function, but 10 years older.

Then 100th birthday. I have in my mind the idea that man should live to be at least 144 years. Maybe that is the goal I will shoot for. But I always visualize myself and everyone else in perfect health and function.

Try it. Project yourself into your future. Then you will live into it.

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