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New Paradigm For Health Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

New Paradigm For Health

Axioms 1- 25

The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean. There is no time, only the NOW. In reality it is the Mind of God. We will be in the Age of Aquarius for 2000 more years.

This allows us time to build a new world view of reality. With these laws that tell us the Quantum Ocean responds to our thoughts we can create a new world view, a new paradigm for Health.

Here are the first twenty five axioms for health in this new paradigm:

1. Our natural state is being healthy.

2. Neither 'illness' nor 'sick people' exist in the Divine Blueprint of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

3. The only cause of 'illness' and 'sickness' is our spiritual deafness, due to our lack of communication with the Mind of God.

4. The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God speaks to us through our body. It uses an inner language that we must learn.

5.To learn this inner language we must expand our world view to include the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

6. Our soul uses a secret language to communicate with us about health.

7 All illness and sickness indicate to us an area of our life where the lack of communication with our soul and the Divine Blueprints of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God exists. It is on this we must reflect.

8. The body location of our illness and the organs which are involved are very important for us to know the exact ' Spiritual' deafness we are experiencing.

9. The illness comes to help us cure ourselves.

10 In the Great majority of cases the patient does not want to be healed. They don't want to listen to the their Souls inner message.

11. The inner message tells us that we must change ourselves. Most people want to be healed without making the appropriate changes.

12. Once you locate and consciously observe the incorrect emotion causing the illness, healing begins.

13. find the original cause and the illness will be healed.

14. Every illness has a benefit for it's owner, if you are willing to look at the larger world paradigm of Quantum Physics. It tells you where you must change.

15. If you desire healing and are willing to change your life, healing begins.

16. All forms of medicine should be considered an art and taken out of the field of merely being a science.

17. The physical Causes of illness and sickness do not exist in this new paradigm.

18 The Quantum Physics Health Paradigm deals with causes not symptoms.

19. Your Body is born from the Divine Blueprint for human bodies in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

20. It is our lack of communication with these blueprints that cause our problems.

21. Life is well organized to the smallest detail.

22. Our Soul does not get sick. But we must learn to listen and feed it.

23. We can start by feeding our Soul with the following:

Conscious breathing, being creative, meditation, prayer, much laughter, yoga or conscious body movements such as Satipathana, Clean living spaces, using your intuition, making intentions for what you want out of life, clean water, good music, taking care of what life places in front of you on a daily basis, accepting challenges, taking action, and to DARE.

24. The more you relate and listen to the messages from your soul the more well being you will feel.

25. We are Spiritual beings living and moving and having our being within another Spiritual being called 'God.'

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