Friday, January 30, 2009

Quantum Physics + Time = Health

Quantum Physics + Time =


The new age of Aquarius that we have just entered has given us a new paradigm to work with. This paradigm is called the Laws of Quantum Physics.

It simply says all is energy and that we all live in an infinite, intelligent ocean of thinking energy. It is called the Quantum Ocean or the Mind of God. There is no time nor space there. We are connected to this energy ocean by our thoughts.

We can think our way back into our past or project ourselves into our future.

It is this quality of timelessness and our God-given ability to move around in this timeless ocean of energy with our minds that gives us the power to heal ourselves.

Every day we recreate our present health, wealth, relationships and our reality by our thoughts. We expect our physical reality to be “HERE NOW” when we awake in the morning.

We can change our “HERE NOW”

Here is an especially good practice to use when we have health problems. We just think ourselves a week, month or year into our future and wait for it to manifest by passing the illness.

When we think into our future, we think can ourselves there without these health problems we might now be experiencing.

Here's how to do it. Let's say you have a health issue with your teeth and gums or with your arthritis in the HERE NOW.

Find a quiet place, like your favorite chair and relax. Breathe deeply for a few minutes. When your mind is quiet and your body relaxed begin.

Visualize yourself doing the things you would do if the health problems did not exist any more.

See yourself eating an apple, without having to cut it up. See yourself waking and working without any teeth or gum pains. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile and see your perfect teeth and gums smiling back at you.

Arthritis. Having trouble with your hands? They are swollen and your have a hard time picking things up?

Project yourself with your mind into the future and see yourself holding things in your hands, without difficulty. All the pain, swelling and stiffness are gone.

You can look at a calender in your new mental projection. Choose weather is it a week, month or year that has passed for this new health manifestation of teeth and or hands.

You have created your reality up to this point in your life. You have created your teeth and arthritis problems with your thoughts. Now recreate your new healthier teeth and gums and arthritis free hands with your thoughts.

It is your divine right to be healthy in this new Age of Aquarius paradigm, the laws of Quantum Physics give us the tools to recreate better health into our lives.

If we had total belief and faith that the Laws of Quantum Physics worked we could instantly heal our teeth and arthritics NOW.

But years, even centuries of wrong erroneous thoughts have filled most of us with fear, doubt and worry.

Now we can project our healing a little into our future, a week, a month or a year. This is something we are able to BELIEVE can happen..

What we BELIEVE, will happen!

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