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Quantum Physics Meditation Middle Pillar Chakras

Quantum – Meditation


Middle Pillar

The laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that all is energy. You are energy. I am energy, the planet, Solar system, Galaxy and Universe are all energies. All these energies are contained in the timeless, space-less, infinite point called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. God is energy and within this mind are divine blueprints for man, planets, galaxies etc.

Everything that is, was or will be exists in the Mind of God, Quantum Ocean as a Divine Energy blueprint or Matrix.

There is a Divine Blueprint for Man's perfect Health. As long as we understand our individual Divine blueprints called our physical, mental and emotional bodies, we will remain healthy.

But when we deviate from this by replacing Divine Blueprints with man-made blueprints, illness, sickness or Dis-ease occurs.

The ancients knew that man was not his physical body, nor his thoughts, nor his feelings.

He is a Soul that creates his own physical, mental and emotional bodies.

There is a specific Divine Blueprint for the healthy functioning of every one of us.

The Eastern Seers called these non-physical structures within the human body, the Chakras. They also knew that any physical, mental or emotional problems you may have are caused by a blockage of energy, Chi, Prana or Life force in any of these Chakras.

As long as you kept these Chakras unblocked and flowing with life force, you will remain healthy. Any blockages caused by negative thoughts, feelings or actions will either stop or slow down the energy flow.

Therefore one of the keys to perfect health is the continuous flow of life force through your Chakra system.

The Middle Pillar meditation is one of the most powerful healing devices you can use to attain and maintain health.

It is cumulative and only takes about ½ hour every morning. That is a small enough price to pay to maintain good health.

The Middle Pillar Meditation is based on the Divine Blueprints of Man's Chakra system. This system tells us that there exists a non-physical pillar of energy Chakras through out your body. Each on of these Chakras can be considered to be a sphere about the size of basket ball.

There are Five of these Chakras. One, the Crown Chakra exists about four inches above your head.

The Second Chakra is your Throat Chakra. Third is Heart and Solar Plexis Chakras. Fourth is your Genital Chakras, and Fifth is your Ground Chakra where your feet touch the Earth.

Connecting all these Chakras is a hollow tube. This tube connects the Crown Chakras with the Neck Chakras. The Neck chakra with the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra with the Genital Chakra, the Genital Chakra with the Ground Chakra. This is the Divine Blueprint of Man's energy system.

When someone says, “Thy will, not my will be done.” it is not a religious prayer. It is an understanding that you live your life according to the energies of the the Divine blueprints, and not the energies of Man made false blueprints. These are what is causing all the pain and suffering in the world.

By starting a daily practice of Middle Pillar Healing meditation, you will be recreating your physical, mental and emotional energy bodies congruent to your Divine Blueprint.

You will be amazed how your life will change once you start to keep the Life-Force flowing throughout your five Chakras.

Take care of your Life-Force flow and the world you attract around yourself will take care of itself.

Remember, “The kingdom of Heaven (health, wealth and love) is within. Your individual “within” creates your individual “without.”

Let's get started:

In the morning before you go out to work is the best time to do your Middle Pillar Healing Meditation. But any time of the day will work. Remember also, repetition is Heaven's first Law.

Middle Pillar Healing Meditation:

Sit comfortably in your favorite chair and breathe slowly and deeply.

Now start your meditation by visualizing your Middle Pillar Chakra system as described above.

Visualize a basket ball size sphere about 4” above your head. This is your Crown Chakra. The reason it does not touch your head is because it is also connected to the non-physical world of the quantum ocean.

Now visualize a basket back sized sphere at your throat area.

Now a basket ball size sphere at your heart and solar plexus area.

Now a basket ball size sphere at your genital area.

Now a basket ball size sphere at your feet or ground area.

You now have visualized the 5 spheres of your middle pillars.

Now start to visualize a 3” tube running from head to feet. It starts with the Crown chakra and goes to the throat chakra. Then from the throat chakra to the heart chakra. They from the heart chakra to the genital chakra. From the genital chakra to the ground chakra.

You mow have visualized an empty Middle Pillar Matrix within your body.

Let us fill it will healing white energy.

Start with the Crown Chakra. Visualize it filling with dynamic, healing, vibrating, sparkling, pulsating white energy. It sparkles like a fourth of July sparkler.

Now start the flow.

The healing white energy starts to flow down the 3” throat chakra. The throat chakra now filled ups with healing, sparkling, pulsating, dynamic white healing energy.

When the throat chakra is filled it starts down the 3” tube to the heart chakra. The heart chakra fills with powerful healing, pulsating, dynamic, white healing light energy.

When the heart chakra is full the energy flows down the 3” tube to the genital chakra. The genital chakra fills with the powerful, pulsating, dynamic, sparkling white healing energy.

When the genital chakra is full it starts to flow down the 3” tube to the ground chakra. The ground chakra fills with dynamic, powerful, pulsating healing white light energy.

You now have a powerful Complete Middle Pillar Energy Chakra matrix slowing and pulsating with white healing energy.

Bathe in it for a minute. Enjoy the feeling of powerful energy flowing through the middle of your body.

Now the Rings on Energy.

From the Crown chakra a stream of white healing pulsating energy starts to pour out and down the left side of your body. It is about 3” wide. It is pulsating and vibrating.

This 3” ribbon flows down the left side of your face. Down your neck, your shoulder, your left arm, our hip, your thigh, your knee, your leg all the way down to your left ankle.

Then this 3” ribbon of healing white light goes under your foot and up the right ankle. Then the right leg, thigh, elbow, arm, shoulder, neck side of head and into the Crown chakra.

You have a 3” ring of white healing, pulsating, dynamic healing white light circling your body from left to right. From your Crown chakra down under your feet and up to the Crown chakra again.

Now a second ring of healing energy. A 2” ribbon of white healing light starts out of your Crown chakra and starts to flow down the front of your body. Down your forehead, your eyes, your nose, your lips, your chin, your neck, your chest, your stomach, your genitals, your thighs, your knees, your legs all the way down to your feet.

This 3” ribbon of white healing, pulsating, sparkling white light goes under your feet and starts up the back at your ankles. Then the back of your legs, your thighs, your buttocks, into the bottom of you spine at the coccyx, Up the spine and out the medulla oblangata to the Crown chakra.

You now have two powerful rings around your body. One from left to right and one from front to back.

Sit there and bask in the energy of the middle pillar with the 5 sparkling, pulsating spheres and the 3” tube down the center. Then feel the energy of the 2 rings as they spin around your body from front to back and left to right.

Now from the ground chakra a 3” ribbon of whit healing light starts to wrap itself around your ankles. It is like an ace bandage and starts to wrap you like a right mummies bandage.

The 3” ribbon wraps your legs, your thighs, your buttocks and genitals. Your lower back, your back, your chest, your arms, your shoulders, your neck your face and head and into the Crown chakra.

You are tightly wrapped in a 3” ribbon of powerful, pulsating, healing white light.

You have your middle pillar of 5 spheres, your 3” tube down the center of your body, one ring going left to right around your body and one ring going front to back. Now a complete wrap of energy.

Stop a minute and feel this pulsating, powerful dynamic white light energy flowing all around the outside and inside your body.

Now visualize a stream of powerful, healing, dynamic, white light energy starting out of your ground chakra and rushing up through the tube to your genital chakra, then up the tube to your heart chakra, then op the tube to your Crown chakra.

This powerful stream of healing, white dynamic light bursts out of the top of your Crown chakra and and forms a fountain of energy. This white haling energy now cascades down your whole body washing every inch of your body with white, healing, dynamic, pulsating energy.

You are literally taking a shower in white, healing, energy.

When you are completely soaked in the energy ...

Now with the power of your will push this energy out from your body till it forms a shell. This shell should be about 3-4 inches around your body. It conforms to your body exactly.

You are sitting in the middle of this shell.

Now the shell fills up with white, healing, pulsating, dynamic, energy.

You are siting in a shell filled with white dynamic, healing energy. Soaked in it for a minute or two.

Then intone or out load say:


Take a deep breath. Do this three times.

You now have white healing light in every cell in your body. HEALING WILL BEGIN.

Remember ½ hour a day.

My next article I will share with you how to add the healing colors of the rainbow to the meditation.

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